The Designer GFW Cocktail Competition will run through April 1-April 15, 2019. Try these incredible handcrafted cocktails by Greenville’s top mixologists at each location and vote for your favorite to become the signature cocktail of Greenville Fashion Week 2019!

  • Up on the Roof
    Up on the Roof The Kathryn
  • The Lazy Goat
    The Lazy Goat Black Maxi
  • Soby’s
    Soby’s Hopeless Romantic
  • Ruth’s Chris
    Ruth’s Chris Black Burberry
  • Rick Erwin’s West End Grille
    Rick Erwin’s West End Grille Orange is the New Black
  • Passerelle
    Passerelle A-Line
  • Nantucket
    Nantucket Black Magic
  • Jianna
    Jianna Fashionably Late
  • Halls
    Halls Raspberry Kisses
  • Greenville Country Club
    Greenville Country Club The Hepburn
  • Encore
    Encore Black Spice
  • el Thrifty
    el Thrifty Black Betty

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