Meet The GFW Team

It takes a Fashion village.

The GFW Team is comprised of 25 individuals with years of experience and expertise within the Fashion, Modeling & Entertainment industry.

Meet the GFW Team

  • Maegan Heinz
    Maegan Heinz Executive Director & Producer /Founder
  • Elizabeth Rouprich
    Elizabeth Rouprich Model Coordinator
  • Stephanie Portnall
    Stephanie Portnall Ticket & Logistics Coordinator
  • Mary Burns
    Mary Burns Production Director
  • Allison Johnson
    Allison Johnson Production Manager
  • Anna Guin
    Anna Guin Backstage Manager
  • Diane Dumit
    Diane Dumit Boutique & Fashion Village Coordinator
  • Jennifer Knies
    Jennifer Knies Creative Art Director
  • Roni Carlson
    Roni Carlson Guest Services Manager
  • Ruby McBee-Thompson
    Ruby McBee-Thompson Guest Services Assistant
  • Lindsay Dorrity
    Lindsay Dorrity Blogger Liaison
  • Katie Cotton
    Katie Cotton Key Makeup Artist
  • Wilson Eidson
    Wilson Eidson Key Hair Stylist
  • Nealy Boyd
    Nealy Boyd Volunteer Coordinator
  • Asheton Reid
    Asheton Reid Volunteer/Seating Specialist
  • Lyanna Cohen
    Lyanna Cohen Judges/Designer Host
  • Sherri Wilbourne
    Sherri Wilbourne Kids/Tween Show Assistant
  • Crystal Victoria
    Crystal Victoria Lead Wardrobe Stylist
  • Amanda Halsted
    Amanda Halsted Sponsor Liaison
  • Leann Henderson
    Leann Henderson Style Lounge Coordinator
  • Melissa Payne
    Melissa Payne Style Lounge Assistant
  • Spencer Stanton
    Spencer Stanton Lead Photographer

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